Posted 10 hours ago

At the #Rays game with my favorite person @jacytail

Posted 14 hours ago

Find a way to make it to one or even BOTH of these shows. Do it. @coloursband #orlando #stpete

Posted 2 days ago

Better late than never @pizzamaster34 Hahaha! Love you Cuz!

Posted 5 days ago

Selfie Friday! Oh, is that not a thing? Thanks for the cut @jsayshello1 #beardlife

Posted 6 days ago

#tbt #ripmom

Posted 1 week ago

#tbt Half a ton of Buccis.

Posted 3 weeks ago

My third time running sound today! Big day for @jsayshello1 & @koriwithuhk 💞

Posted 3 weeks ago

@davewalztattoos Nailed it! #tattoofest #coffee #zombie

Posted 3 weeks ago

At Tattoofest. Looking at hot rods.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Beard Family. @kyletamo @jsayshello1 #kyleislegitthattall #imnotsitting #dadmomchild